Father's Day gift idea: aviator sunglasses

With Michael Bastian's impeccable masculine style and RE's military heritage, these sunglasses are the perfect mix of of quality, function, and style.


It’s almost Father’s Day and I have to admit, I have yet to purchase my dad’s present. One would think that mothers are harder to buy for, but I think dear ol’ pops is just as hard to please. I mean, what does dad really need? And, how do I find him something that will fit?

As I was scavenging the web looking for inspiration, the Michael Bastian for RE (Randolph Engineering) Summer ’11 sunglasses collection stood out to me and met my gift criteria:

  • Dad can wear them for both professional and leisure purposes, everyday. Check.
  • It’s practical, yet cool. Check.
  • Makes dad look and feel like the most stylish man on the golf course and they won’t fall off mid-swing. Check.

With Michael Bastian’s impeccable masculine style and RE’s military heritage (In 1982, RE became the prime contractor for military-style aviation flight glasses for the U.S. Department of Defense), these sunglasses are the perfect mix of of quality, function, and style.
My fave from the collection is the limited-edition Signature Sportsman for its classic-cool aviator shape. A perfect fit for the most important man in my life.

Michael Bastian for RE sunglasses, Summer 2011 collection, $225 US,

What are you getting your dad this Father’s Day?