Summer to fall fashions

5 tips to keep you stylish as the seasons change

Fall may be knocking on your door sooner than you’d like to admit, but that doesn’t mean you have to put your summer wardrobe into hibernation. Many of your favourite summer pieces can make the transition to fall. The key to making them work is pairing them with clothing of an appropriate fabric weight to keep your overall look seasonal and practical. For instance, linen pants are too lightweight for fall, but the jersey top that you wore them with in July can still hold its own when paired with a tweed skirt. Also, think about mixing contrasting textures, such as satin and wool. Here are a few specific pointers to get you started:


This classic fabric is still going strong for fall and winter. Even if you opted for one of the more colourful versions available this summer, you can make it work by pairing it with neutrals. For instance, a white and green tweed blazer will still look fresh in fall and winter when paired with a white shirt and black pants.

Full skirts

The circle skirt was a favourite silhouette for summer and continues to be a popular choice for fall and winter. Simply replace your tank tops and tees with long-sleeved turtlenecks or chunky knit cardigans. Tights and stacked heel shoes or tall knee high boots complete the look.

Lingerie-inspired pieces

Camisoles and tank tops with touches of lace or satin were a sure bet for summer, but they don’t have to be put away during the cooler weather. Layer them underneath a fitted blazer or cardigan for work, or wear them over a thin, long-sleeved cotton top for a more casual look.


Summer’s hot shades don’t have to fade into the back of your closet come September. In fact, they’re a great way to break up the somber shades of black, grey and brown that are in every woman’s fall wardrobe. You can use colour to add contrast to your neutral basics, but you can also pair them with other strong colours. For instance, red and pink look striking with anything from camel to eggplant purple.

Ladylike touches

Our love affair with all things retro continues to grow. From rounded-toe shoes to crocodile clutches and vintage-looking brooches, these timeless reminders of a bygone era are still a fun trend for fall. Whether you scour flea markets and estate sales for the real deal or pick something up at your local department store, You’ll move through the seasons with style and flair!