Ultra-Comfy (But Cute) Loungewear For Lazing Around During The Holidays

Swap out your retro sweatpants and ratty tee for these cute pieces.

The holidays are meant not only for spending time with friends and family but also lazing around with a plate of holiday cookies and catching up on the latest Netflix releases or curling up with a good book. To make the most of your relaxing downtime, you want to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. But that doesn’t mean you should be wearing your hole-ridden sweatpants and 10-plus-year-old T-shirt. With the new trend of cute loungewear hitting store racks, it’s possible to be cozy and chic while cozied up on the coach.

We’ve put together 14 styles that are super comfortable but won’t leave you feeling embarrassed if unannounced guests pop by.

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