Diane Keaton on beauty, aging and motherly advice

We'll always love her quirky blend of brains and beauty. Now Diane Keaton dishes on aging, navel-gazing and the thing that makes her tingle

Diane Keaton at 66

Evan Agostini/Getty Images Entertainment

Age: 66
Oscar moment: Won an Academy Award for the lovable Annie Hall.
Signature style: Menswear and layering — hats, gloves and turtlenecks.
Famous loves: Hollywood beaux like Warren Beatty, Woody Allen and Al Pacino.
Late bloomer: Became a mom at 50.

Beauty motto

“I don’t like to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. It’s too much — you know what I’m saying? I think you’ve just got to keep moving on, looking out instead of looking in. That’s when I feel most beautiful, when I’m not thinking about myself or my looks.”

Makeup must-have

“Lipstick is my favourite thing, because I have dry lips. I keep a little laboratory where I play around with all of them. And I always keep one in my pocket. When you get older, too much colour can look harsh, so right now I’m trying to go a little more pale and a little more pink.”

Saving face

“Because I’m Irish, I have really thin skin, and I’ve had a lot of skin cancers on my face starting when I was 21 years old. Now I’m really careful. I try to use products that have sunscreen in them. Basically, everything is about how it feels for me. I wake up and wash my face. Then I put on something that smells good, smooths everything out and makes my skin soft and tingly.”

Better than pictures

“I want to see everything. Like, I’ll never forget how insane Niagara Falls is. I remember the impression I had of the falls as a girl: ‘Oh, it’s so beautiful.’ Forget that! It’s power beyond power. Being able to see things like that is the greatest gift.”

Best lesson from mom

“My mother was never one to say no to me or my thoughts. And I always felt that she was the one who actually taught me to think, by the nature of the fact that she didn’t judge me or tell me what to think. She would just sit there and let me talk. I feel lucky; it’s such a gift to have a mother like that.”

The beauty in aging

“What I used to thin was beautiful is not the same as what I think is beautiful now. When I was a girl, I thought women who were just sticks were the most beautiful. But now that I have a daughter, I see when you’re curvaceous, that’s something of beauty, too. I think that beauty is always evolving — all you can look forward to is change.”

Diane Keaton is an Academy-Award-winning actor, a brand ambassador for L’Oréal Paris and the author of the memoir Then Again. She lives in California with her daughter, Dexter, and son, Duke.