14 cute closed-toe sandals for when you want to keep your toes under wraps

We've rounded up 14 chic, warm-weather-ready sandal options for days when your toes are feeling a bit shy.

Nothing welcomes warmer weather quite like taking a fancy new pair of summer shoes out for a spin — ditching those heavy socks and winter boots come springtime feels nothing short of liberating.

But getting your feet ready for post-hibernation open-toed shoes can be a daunting task (let’s be real, who has the time to constantly refresh their polish?)

Thankfully, there’s tons of footwear options to keep your toes fashionably covered. From trendy espadrilles to cut-out flats and slip-on mules, we’ve found 14 cute shoes that keep your toes under wraps — but still allow your feet to feel that fresh air.

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