Choosing fabulous eyeglass frames

For my blond, blue-eyed, square-faced self: three frames suggestions from CoverGirl.

“For my blond, blue-eyed, square-faced self: three frames suggestions from CoverGirl.”

Picking a pair of new eyeglass frames stresses people out. What shape should I wear? What colour? Should I be matching my wardrobe or my complexion? Personally, I’ve always tended to classic finishes in my frames: Black plastic, tortoise, silver or gold, rectangular or oval, and never too extreme in scale. Surfing lately on CoverGirl’s homepage, I discovered an amazing tool to help you cherrypick your ideal specs.

1. Go to

2. On the top menu bar, choose ‘“My CoverGirl”.

3.Take a few minutes and fill out the info so that you can be profiled or “Colormatched” as its lingo defines the process.

4. The CoverGirl genie then spits out your ideal palette and product suggestions. (This is fun, too; print them out and take the list with you on the next drug store trip.)

5. Go back up to the toolbar and pick “Products, and scroll down to select “Eyewear.”. Follow the prompt to select “Face Shape,and presto, you’re rewarded with a few style options to choose from of the CoverGirl frames. (I got some very chic suggestions in rich berry tones. The styles work regardless of the brand of eyeglass frames that you buy. Mental note: Print out the pictures and tuck them into my purse for my next trip to the optometrist.)

– Deborah Fulsang

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