Canada's Next Top Model gives her beauty tips

canada's next top model canada's next top model shot

It ain’t easy being beautiful. But it sure can be a hell of a lot of fun. Canada’s Next Top Model winner Meaghan, is originally from Winnipeg but since her epic win she has been to London, Montreal, the Bahamas, Milan and she’s not slowing down anytime soon.

Love her updo! Hairstylist Justin German used Pantene ‘s Volumizing Hairspray and a bit of teasing and it looks stunning.

I got the chance to sit down with Meaghan as she got her makeup done by CoverGirl’s newest makeup rep Greg Wencel.

I first asked her how she keeps her skin glowing as she runs from show to show. Her advice?

Washing her face frequently, a really good moisturizer and chap stick. She also loves CoverGirl’s Exact Eyelights Brightening Mascara for Blue Eyes and the CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain (a Chatelaine Beauty 100 winner!) for their longevity during her days on set.

Another favourite product of hers is the Korres line at Sephora (featured in our October issue) because of the great organic yoghurts they use. She uses the yoghurt mask and the cream once or twice a week to keep her skin clear.

“I find my skin gets clogged really easily so I always exfoliate after a photoshoot,” says Meaghan. “I also drink lots of water and use a lot of moisturizer.”

Some other things you might now have known about Meaghan: She doesn’t wear foundation or blush when she’s not on set, enjoys eating pizza and ice cream (yeah, some people just have good genes) and loves Blistex chap stick.

Just thought you’d want the inside scoop from a natural beauty.

– Kate Daley