Buy Canadian with Tristan

From Sept 16th until Sept 30th, Tristan is helping to promote the Canadian textile industry and will be having tons of promotions across the country on any Canadian-made clothing. 

Check out this sweet Canadian-made dress from Tristan.

If you buy any of their made-in-Canada collection for the fall you’ll receive a voucher for 20% for any future purchases. Pretty cool eh? Depending on the collection  between 25% and 35% of Tristan’s clothing is made in Canada and the company is trying to promote the idea that Canadian-made duds don’t have to cost more. “Tristan believes in the power of solidarity to create wealth in the home market. Companies like ours, which are prepared to invest in local industry, help ensure prosperity for the local economy. Wearing Canadian-made Tristan apparel is therefore not just about fashion, but about solidarity and tangible benefits for the community,” says the company president Gilles Fortin. In a time where most things are outsourced to overseas factories, it’s definitely unique when companies rally to support the Canadian economy. And enough of the technicalities ‘ this is really about shopping!  So get out there, get a good deal and feel a little sense of Canadian pride while you’re doing it.

– Kate Daley