A mascara strong enough for Tim Kaine

The Democratic VP nominee needs a better mascara. Help is here.

Tim Kaine mascara

Photo, AP/J. Scott Applewhite.

It was the big question of last night’s Democratic National Convention: Was VP nominee Tim Kaine wearing mascara?

Of course he was! Makeup and televised political speeches go hand-in-hand. No shocker there.

But what is surprising is just how badly his mascara let him down. It clumped. It smudged. It set Twitter ablaze.

Tim, we feel your pain. Mascara and humidity just don’t always play nice, especially if you’re coating that tricky lower lash line. But help is on the way.


Waterproof mascara from Too Faced.

There are a bunch of tough mascaras on the market. (Our favourites new ones here.)

For you, we recommend Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara in a waterproof formula, which will stand up to any stage-jitter sweats. You’re welcome.

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