Five steps to a radiant summer glow

Makeup artist and winner of Canada's Best Makeup Talent, Marcia Garnes gives us her top fresh-faced tips

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Alvaro Goveia

Less is more
Summer skin is happy skin so it doesn’t need much coverage. Go straight to a lightweight concealer and skip the foundation for a more polished glow. Your concealer should match your skin tone: Apply it delicately with a brush on the areas that may need a little coverage such as under the eyes, around the nostrils, and where redness and blemishes appear. If you require a more even skin tone, add a tinted moisturize (with SPF) to your skincare regime.

Fake it
For the immediate appearance of radiant skin, my secret weapon is an illuminating highlighter that can be used on its own or mixed into a concealer or foundation. Apply a small amount under the eyes for a quick pick-me-up, along the bridge of your nose and at the top of cheekbones. Additionally, a handy tool to keep in your purse is a pack of blotting paper to dab away excess oil throughout the day.

Beauty pick: Lancome Eclat Miracle

Don’t be shy (just look like you are)
Blush is truly my best friend (sorry, Colleen). It takes just seconds to apply and will instantly give your complexion a healthy boost. Switch out your powdered blush for one of the newer creamy, soufflé formulas that are lightweight, a cinch to apply and blend easily.

Beauty pick: Blush Angelic, Magic Smooth Souffle, L’Oreal

Bright-eyed and bushy-browed
My favourite classic summertime shade for day is a champagne eyeshadow with a coat of mascara. Additionally, well-groomed brows go a long way in shaping the face and finishing your look, so fill them in with a matching shade using a brow pencil or an angled brush and a matte brow powder. Keep it simple and don’t worry about lining the eye.

Beauty pick: L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes
Get lippy

Finish your look with a long-lasting lip colour that is subtle enough for day, yet defines your pout. To create a fuller lip and to minimize touch-ups, add a gloss on top of your lipstick. 

Beauty pick: Colour Riche Balm, Nourishing Nude 818 and L’Oreal and Golden Gloss in 2 Golden Praline, YSL

Marcia Garnes is a Toronto makeup artist and winner of Canada’s Best Makeup Talent