The new crop of do-it-all skin savers

Is 40 the new 20? We think so, thanks to the latest crop of beauty innovators.


Photo, Corbis.

In the beauty world, the latest buzz is all about multi-tasking anti-agers. So how does this new breed of skincare products work? With groundbreaking stem cell research, state-of-the-art delivery systems, trouble-fighting antioxidants and souped-up botanicals. For example, plants that thrive in harsh climates have been a major source of inspiration for decades. Researchers have combed the globe in search of the best ingredients and created high-performance products that benefit skin in a safe, non-irritating way.

But even with the most promising formulas, the challenge is getting the goods (active ingredients) in, when our skin’s job is to keep things like bacteria, viruses and pollutants out. Simply put, if you apply ingredients and nothing goes through the skin’s barrier, there won’t be any benefits. “Delivery systems are one of the major areas of research,” says Daniel Stangl, director of innovation for La Prairie. “We’re continually coming up with new technologies to infuse active ingredients that support the skin’s own functions.” So the latest and greatest skincare products are being developed with the same goal: to reach the deeper layers of the skin and interfere in a positive way with how cells work. “We’re learning how skin cells communicate with each other, which opens up a whole new field of research: supporting and strengthening the function of stem cells and, in the end, the vitality of skin,” says Stangl.

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