Beauty 100 – Nars The Multiple

Our style intern Melissa gives the inside scoop on her favourite beauty product:

I admit it, my makeup bag houses eyeshadows that are over 7 years old. I also admit that only recently, at about 28 years old, have I discovered blush.  How does one intern in the style and beauty department at Chatelaine with this kind of background? I ask myself the same question on a weekly basis but they must have seen something hiding underneath the surface.

I recently purchased a product that has helped me conceal my lack of knowledge – The Multiple by NARS. 

This tube has cured me of my beauty product ignorance while also reminding me to throw out at least a few of the circa 2002 green eyeshadows. This one replaces them all – it’s a truly a multi-purpose product. The Multiple is for eyes, cheeks, lips and body all in one convenient tube.  Easy to apply and fits nicely in the purse.

I tested it out this past weekend at a wedding and let me tell you, the audience approved.  Even my never-notices-anything-unless-it-is-on-fire boyfriend commented on how shimmery (yes, he actually said shimmery) and glowing my skin looked. Success.

–Melissa Kuril

You can pick it up at Holt Renfrew, Sephora or check out their site at