Beauty 100 – lip gloss

 Who doesn’t have 10 lip glosses loitering in the bottom of their bag?

I barely even remember to wear it but have at least four. Here’s one reader’s favourite!

C.O. Bigelow Lip Shines, available at Bath & Body Works across Canada.

“I’m not one for beauty products and essentials, mostly due to a lack of time and uber sensitive skin. However, the one product I always have on hand are the CO Bigelow lip shines. And for the natural-hippie in me, they don’t contain any additives nor are they tested on animals. The Cinnamon and Lemon are my top two, or the Bare Mint for a hint of colour. Best part is they don’t get sticky or gunky.”

–Merryn, Ottawa

Love the advice. Check out Canada AM tomorrow morning to see us show off some of our favourite picks!

–Kate Daley


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