Barbie turns 50

Barbie turns 50

I think we’ll have a lot of eager fans jumping up and down-starting now. Yes, you heard me ladies, you’re allowed to play with your Barbies again. This month, our favorite blond bombshell is celebrating her 50th birthday in style. With her face embossing jewelry, shoes and even beauty products, everyone is celebrating and we don’t mind one bit. Just to get all of you reminiscing about styling her hair and marrying her off to Ken doll we’re going to take a look at a few of my favs.

Foxy Originals

Launching this month online and in stores, Foxy Originals has 11 designs and each is more fun than the last. Who can resist their Barbie rainbow-coloured necklace in gold or silver? I feel like it’s a number I’d wear out dancing and relish the many reactions. For every day wear, I love the charm bracelet with a Barbie silhouette and high heel charms.

The jewelry ranges from $24 to $40.

Barbie by Cake

Exclusively at Sephora, Cake Beauty has created a bath and body collection inspired by vintage Barbie.

They have a decadent hand cream, body mousse, hair and body mist, sugar scrub, boudoir candle and solid parfum all ranging from $18 to $40.

The packaging is so unbelievably fun you could forget that everyone loves Cake for their super sweet smelling products and not just because it now has our favourite doll on the front.

Barbie by Town Shoes

Now here is something right up my alley. Shoes!

The black and white pattern from the Original Teenage Fashion Model Barbie doll ($130) is not only an adult way to rock one of Barbie’s great patterns but check out the sole. That little design would have me showing off the bottoms of my shoes to anyone and everyone who would take a look. Sadly though, I don’t think I’d want to wear them and ruin the design.

Town also offers a platform sandal, sweet fuschia party shoe with a bow (seen below for $130), and bags.

And all this excitement over a doll I never really played with as a kid. One would think someone who loves clothes and makeup so much would have been a big Barbie fan, but I was more enthralled with cars and trucks than styling hair. Who would have guessed? Either way, I love anything retro and this is one throwback that is tons of fun.

– Kate Daley