Ask Lisa + Liz

Every time I buy something new, it turns out that I already have almost the identical thing in my wardrobe. How can I avoid these repeat buys?

To get the most out of your existing clothes and avoid making those repeat purchases, you must be organized. In order to see what’s in your closet, start by arranging items by category. First, separate your summer clothes from your winter gear. Make room for the current season’s pieces in your closet and store your summer wardrobe elsewhere in protective bins and bags. Then arrange everything together—for example: shirts with shirts, separated by dressy and casual styles, or by colour. Store shoes at the bottom of your closet in their original boxes with a picture on the outside or in clear plastic bins. If you have a shelf above the hanging rack, neatly fold sweaters and t-shirts in clear boxes, and display your handbags. Hang a rack on the back of your closet door to organize belts and scarves. Trust me, the extra time and effort now will save you making repeat purchases later.

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