Love Yourself, Wrinkles And All

Nivea encourages caring for your skin, without erasing its story, through the Q10 Power AntiWrinkle line. It’s a range that celebrates beauty while respecting the passing of time. No shame, no guilt, just a whole lot of pride.

Created by Nivea

Your lines and wrinkles are unique. They tell the story of you: Laughing with best friends, rocking your newborn all night, enjoying holidays with a significant other. When you look in the mirror, relish the memory of these moments and care for the skin that makes you 100 percent you with Nivea Q10 Power.

Results, delivered

A relaxed attitude towards crow’s feet and the desire for a beautiful complexion don’t need to be mutually exclusive. That’s the goal of Nivea’s Q10 Power range: To pamper your skin while you live life to the fullest. It contains Q10, a coenzyme 100 percent identical to the one made by your skin that fights free radicals. It hydrates to boost skin’s elasticity for visibly firmer skin in just two weeks and replenishes your natural Q10 levels.

My skin, my story

Our skin paints a picture that’s as unique as our DNA—just ask these two beautiful women.

Stephanie Kim

In a nutshell:

I’m a Toronto-based art director at a national women’s magazine and a mom of two. Despite my busy schedule, I take time for myself by doing things I enjoy like exercising, trying new restaurants and exploring new places.

When I see my laugh lines, I see…

My love of life and desire to enjoy all that it has to offer.

Each skin type is unique. What do you love best about your own?

I love how youthful my skin still looks even as I approach 40. I probably have my mother’s genes to thank: She is in her 60s and looks great.

When you look at your skin, what story does it tell?

That I have done a good job taking care of it! It reinforces the importance of self-care.

In a nutshell:

I am a Canadian of African descent, an immigrant and entrepreneur. Four years ago, I transitioned from a corporate career in marketing and advertising to a small business owner. My Granville Island shop, Kasandy | Locally Global, is curated with handmade and fair-trade wares.

When I see my laugh lines, I see…

Wisdom, joy and a life well and fully lived. They remind me of those who have shared laughter and joy with me over the years.

Each skin type is unique. What do you love best about your own?

I absolutely love my deep brown African skin. It’s always soft, it shines bright, and I especially love it in the summer when it gets even darker. I love the scratches and scars, marks of a great childhood spent adventuring, playing sports and practicing gymnastics.

When you look at your skin, what story does it tell?

It tells the story of growth, confidence and self-love.

A formula for every skin type

Whether you’re targeting tone, texture, or age…Nivea Q10 Power comes in five formulas to address your specific needs, because everyone’s skin is unique.

Normal skin
With Q10 + Creatine
Perfect match if… You love your skin and want to maintain its youthful beauty.

Tired skin
With Q10 + Vitamin C
Perfect match if… You want to nix dullness and boost radiance.

Sensitive skin
With Q10 + Creatine + Licorice Extract
Perfect match for… Sensitive skin. This gentle formula is free of perfumes, alcohol, dyes and parabens and soothes your sensitive skin through hydration.

Combination skin
With Q10 + Creatine + Algae Extract
Choose it if… You want to minimize the appearance of pores and improve your skin’s texture.

Dry to very dry skin
With Q10 + Organic Argan Oil
Choose it if… Your skin is parched (no worries, it’s a normal side effect of aging) and in need of deep hydration, nourishment and luminosity.

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