Welcome-spring dinner party menu

Spring has arrived! Celebrate the longer, sunnier days with a bright and refreshing spread.

Angus Fergusson

Dijon-crusted flank steak recipe

Spring has arrived (finally!) and we’re in the mood to celebrate with a delicious spring dinner party menu. While it might too chilly to grill our Dijon-crusted flank steaks outside, sliding them under the broiler will do until we’re ready to dig out the barbecue for all of our favourite grilling recipes. With a sparkling Campari lemonade, a gorgeous sunset-colored cocktail garnished with a bright slice of citrus, welcome spring and say goodbye to old man winter for another year.


Green pea & white bean soup

Topped with round pancetta and feta cheese, this soup is a bright, early-spring appetizer that everyone will rave about.

Angus Fergusson

Green pea & white bean soup recipe
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Dijon-crusted flank steak

The tangy mustard and herbs in this recipe gives flank steak a delicious hit of extra flavour.


Toasted tarragon couscous

This toasted garlic and tarragon couscous with baby arugula is ready in just five minutes, and can be kept warm while finalizing your other dinner dishes.

Angus Fergusson

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Ginger-berry cookies & cream

A takeoff on the British trifle, this sherry-spiked dish is easy to prepare in advance. Pop it in the refrigerator while you’re cooking, and it’s ready to go as soon as your guests eat their last forkful of steak.


Sparkling Campari lemonade


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Find out how to do it all in an hour here.