Elegant one-hour dinner party menu

Keep this dinner plan in your back pocket for last-minute get-togethers. And in one hour, whip up a gourmet meal that will surprise and delight!

Crispy fennel cakes with smoked salmon

Crispy fennel cakes with smoked salmon and Apple-butterscotch cocktail
Photo by Roberto Caruso

Throwing a dinner party for last-minute guests? Forget the hurry and the worry. This elegant meal comes together in under an hour — guaranteed!

Prep Plan
6:00 Preheat oven to 400F. Make shallot butter and refrigerate.

6:05 Start cappuccino cakes and bake. Prep mushrooms and salad dressing.

6:25 Remove cakes from oven. Increase temperature to 425F. Drizzle cakes with liqueur.

6:30 Bake mushrooms. Prep and cook fennel cakes.

6:45 Remove mushrooms from oven. Top fennel with smoked salmon.

6:50 Cook veal and pappardelle. Assemble mushroom salad.

Apple-butterscotch cocktail

Crispy fennel cakes with smoked salmon
Serve these savoury cakes with fennel fronds and thinly sliced radishes.

Warm mushroom-arugula salad
Peppery arugula and baked, golden mushrooms give salad a makeover for fall. Top with shaved parmesan, and serve.

Warm mushroom-arugula salad

Warm mushroom-arugula salad recipe
Photo by Roberto Caruso











Roasted veal chops with shallot butter & pappardelle
This Italian-inspired meal with creamy sauce and buttery pasta will be a new family-favourite.

Roasted veal chops

Roasted veal chops with shallot butter and pappardelle recipe
Photo by Roberto Caruso











Cappuccino pudding cakes
No espresso maker? Serve these one-cup puddings after dinner instead!

Cappuccino pudding cakes

Cappuccino pudding cakes recipe










Wine pairings
Bachelder chardonnay, Niagara Peninsula VQA, Ontario, $30.
Jovly Cabernet Franc, Chinon, Loire Valley, FRance, $13.