Cozy French bistro menu

Enjoy these simple dishes with world-class ingredients and a glass of red wine to help toast the day. À votre santé!

French onion grilled cheese

French onion grilled cheese sandwich

To help establish the perfect mood for our Cozy French Bistro Menu, why not listen to some Édith Piaf tunes (or the soundtrack from Amélie) and imagine you’re at a picturesque Parisian café or a charming Québec City inn. Enjoy these simple dishes alongside a bold red wine, and raise your glasses to toast the day. À votre santé!

French country chicken soup
The addition of Dijon mustard and fresh notes of tarragon and nutmeg liven up this slow-cooked, vegetable-rich chicken soup.

French country chicken soup

French country chicken soup recipe









French onion grilled cheese
Grilled between two pieces of light rye bread, this sandwich evokes the rich warm flavour of French onion soup.

Apple-fennel salad with prosciutto and walnuts
Sliced fennel bulb, Granny Smith apple and candied walnuts are tossed together in a creamy buttermilk dressing and layered with thin ribbons of salty prosciutto.

salad recipes: Apple-fennel salad with prosciutto and walnuts

Apple-fennel salad with prosciutto and walnuts









Dark chocolate soufflés
These easy, luscious, personal soufflés are foolproof, and chocolatey as all get out! Bonus: They’re also our recipe for our current cooking club challenge, so get baking for your chance to win a great prize!

Angus Fergusson

Dark chocolate souffle
Photo by Angus Fergusson