Canada Day grilling menu

Fire up the 'Q and celebrate Canada’s diverse cultures with flavour combos as unique as the country itself.

Tandoori lamb pops recipe Photo by Angus Fergusson

Tandoori lamb pops recipe
Photo by Angus Fergusson

Hosting a Canada Day barbecue? Without straying too far from the classics, why not turn the meal into a celebration of flavours, too? From a simple burger (dressed up with smoky Canadian cheddar), to a spicy ‘slaw and a decadent ice cream sundae, these dishes are just a taste of the diversity in flavour you can find country-wide. Happy Canada Day!

Inside-out cheddar burger recipe Photo by Angus Fergusson

Inside-out cheddar burger. (Photo, Angus Fergusson.)


Inside-Out Cheddar Burgers
Our play on the traditional cheeseburger ensures that you get a gooey surprise in every bite!

Tandoori Lamb Pops with Summer Plum Salsa
Serve up this Indian-inspired finger food with a spoonful of sweet and refreshing fruit salsa.






Kimchee slaw recipe Photo by Angus Fergusson

Kimchee slaw. (Photo, Angus Fergusson.)


Kimchee Slaw
This spicy slaw is a crunchy twist on the traditional burger side.







Latin sundae recipe Photo by Angus Fergusson

Latin sundae. (Photo, Angus Fergusson.)


Latin Sundaes
Mexican spiced chocolate and South American caramel smother velvety vanilla ice cream to create this luscious dessert!







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