Cocktail recipe: Campfire coffee

Five o'clocktail: Warm up with a this delicious twist on the Hot Toddy, topped with vanilla bourbon whipped cream

coffee cocktail

Roberto Caruso

Jordan Stacey, bar manager and mixologist at Toronto’s Brassaii, serves up this modern twist on a Hot Toddy to warm you right through.


2 tbsp Maker’s Mark bourbon
1 small piece orange peel
2 tsp raw sugar
2/ 3 cup espresso
2 dashes chocolate bitters

For vanilla bourbon whipped cream:
1 /4 cup of 35% cream
1/ 4 teaspoon bourbon
1/ 4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract


1. Beat cream with bourbon and vanilla.
2. Place the orange peel in the bottom of an Irish coffee mug with sugar and bitters. Muddle well.
3. Add bourbon, espresso and 1/4 cup hot water, then stir until sugar is dissolved. Top with Vanilla Bourbon whipped cream.