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What's for dinner : Weeknight bistro supper

When you have company coming for a weeknight meal, kick up the 'wow' factor with this Bistro Dinner Menu!

Growing up in various countries means that I have friends scattered all around the world.  This is great because it means that I usually have a place to crash in every city or country I visit!  But on the flipside, it’s difficult because I don’t see these childhood friends very often (and in some cases, many years).

In the past year, I’ve noticed that many of my friends are now reaching a point in their professional lives where they’re consistently traveling for work.  Lucky for me, some of them are actually making their way up to Canada.  As much as I love living here, Toronto hasn’t necessarily been on top of my friends’ “to visit” list.  We tend to meet up in other more exotic regions, like Europe or Asia.

Tonight, I’m meeting up with an old high school friend currently on a business trip to Toronto.  It’s been 12 years since we’ve seen each other so there will be a lot to catch up on… over dinner of course!  So what I’m looking for is quick and easy meal to prepare, thrown in with a little ‘wow’ factor.  We recently featured a Bistro Dinner menu in our November issue that’s perfect for a fancy weeknight meal.  The entree is a Pork tenderloin with cider-thyme jus served on a bed of White-bean Puree.  This is a dish that looks like it’s taken at least an hour to prepare, when in reality it only takes 25 minutes tops!  Pair it with a Sauteed Pear and Romaine Salad and I know I have a weeknight meal that’s sure to impress.