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Meat on a rock

Meat on a rock.jpg
This is a dinner that I had in Belgium, in a small town called Mons. I was visiting my friend Isla there (see pic below). She takes most of her visitors (from back home in Canada) here – and has coined the restaurant “Meat on a rock place”. As you can see from the pic below, the nick name fits the menu. I ordered lamb… on a rock, of course. The meat arrived in a fairly raw state, on an incredibly hot stone. I turned it frequently, slicing and snacking as it cooked. It came with several sauce options (we chose Bearnaise and Roquefort) plus salad and frites.   La Cervoise (the actual name of the restaurant) has great food and the rock meal provides a very social experience. Plus there’s an amazing view of the Grand Place, the main square in Mons, which is why we are both sitting on the same side of the table. The staff were very nice. So nice that when we had no cash to pay (only credit and bank cards – which they don’t accept) so they told us to come back another day to settle the bill. Then they called us a cab and gave us an after-dinner liqueur (on the house) while we waited for our cab to arrive. Belgians have to be some of the nicest people on the planet.