Chatelaine Kitchen

Kitchen tool: What do I treasure most?

Last night, while I prepared a salad, I pondered some of the things in my kitchen. Although I love many of my kitchen items – my chef’s knife, grater, large stainless steel bowl and no doubt this list could go on and on – my most treasured is a simple colander. Why is this colander top on my list? – It was one of the first items I purchased for my very first apartment when I moved out of my parents home. – It’s still going strong after 13 years. – I paid the bargain price of $1 at a dollar store for it. – And best of all, it is long and almost oval shaped so it can be set across the sink from rim to rim. So it doesn’t matter how many dishes I’ve accumulated by the time I need to wash vegetables because it rests snugly above anything in the sink. What’s your favourite kitchen tool, utensil or appliance?