Chatelaine Kitchen

Inside the Chatelaine test kitchen

Video shoot in the test kitchen
Last week I worked on a couple of upcoming Cooking Class videos. The new recipe videos – including one for our buttermilk  pancakes- are filmed in the Chatelaine test kitchen. Best buttermilk pancakes: 32 Here I am preparing the recipes. See how crazy-bright it looks in here during a shoot – I think that’s because everything in the kitchen is white.

Video shoot in the test kitchen

One of the videos is cooking French onion soup. I have to admit, it was a little strange making such a hearty recipe in the middle of summer. It was also impossible to keep my eyes from watering. Out-of-season onions are sometimes incredibly pungent. This recipe and video go up on on August 31 – just in time for the chilly days of September. Don’t worry you’ll find that local in-season onions – available in September – are a lot easier on the eyes because they’re fresh and milder in flavour and odour.