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How to segment a grapefruit for an elegant citrus salad

It's peak season for the grapefruit! Use our tip to make the most out of this juicy citrus fruit.

Citrus fruits may be available at your grocer all year round, but did you know that they actually flourish during the winter? Although I’m partial to all citrus fruits, I’m a particularly big fan of grapefruit, which has its peak season in February. Most grapefruits are grown in sunny, dry areas such as Arizona, California and Florida. 

The trick to choosing a ripe grapefruit is to look for one that is round and smooth, with a bit of heaviness to it. This indicates the grapefruit is nice and juicy. Another tip to make the most of your grapefruit’s flavour is to eat it at room temperature. Grapefruit is juiciest when it’s slightly warm rather than chilled. If you are storing your fruit in the refrigerator, place it on your countertop for a while before you indulge.

Grapefruit is not only a delicious low-fat snack, but it’s also jam packed with vitamin C and antioxidants! When I was younger I didn’t enjoy grapefruit because I always thought it was too bitter. I soon figured out that most of the bitterness was in the white pith of the fruit. To maximize all the sweet flavour without the bitterness, use this tip to prepare your grapefruit:



Using a small serrated knife, slice the ends from both the top and bottom of the grapefruit so the flesh is exposed.


Rest one end of the grapefruit on the cutting board. Using your knife, slice the peel and pith off the grapefruit by following the contour and shape of the grapefruit.


Rotate your grapefruit and continue this process until all peel and pith have been removed around the grapefruit.


Hold the grapefruit securely in one hand and knife in the other. Make cuts along the inside of the membrane into the center of the fruit. (Putting a bowl beneath the grapefruit will catch any overflow juices that might fall.)


Repeat this process along the membrane found on the other side of the segment. Once your knife has reached the center of the segment , the grapefruit will pop free.


Repeat this process until you have removed all of the segments from the grapefruit.

Now you can enjoy the juicy fruit in our Elegant citrus salad or Chicken and grapefruit salad. Use this trick for other citrus fruits too!


For more information on grapefruit, visit Florida Citrus