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How to make the best strawberry shortcake

These classic shortcakes, featuring fresh summer berries and vanilla cream, are a snap to make.

Strawberry shortcake with vanilla cream

Strawberry shortcake with vanilla cream (Photo, Roberto Caruso.)


It’s all about that biscuit.

Sponges and fluffy cakes showcase strawberries and cream beautifully, but when we developed this recipe, we wanted to replicate that classic, buttery-sweet biscuit we remember devouring when we still needed a booster seat at the dinner table. It’s sturdy enough to pile up with fresh cream and strawberries, but soft and flaky when you fork into it.

There are a few touches that give it a special twist: coarse sugar adds a little sparkle to each biscuit, and sweet vanilla bean and fresh mint leaves bump up the flavour and colour. (When a dish looks good, it tastes even better!)

While local berries are in abundance, this is the fail-safe, low-effort dessert to keep in your back pocket for casual barbecues and evening get-togethers alike. Here’s how to get the biscuits just right:

Kitchen tip: If the strawberries you bought aren’t quite ripe enough, stir in 1 tbsp granulated sugar with your sliced berries and let stand for at least 30 minutes before using.

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