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Farmers' market produce: Sweet corn

Corn - my all-time favourite vegetable - is currently in-season. From breakfast pancakes to our gourmet hot dog recipe, find out how to use it now.

James Tse

Last week, I attended a dinner event in support of an organization called Farmers Feed Cities. Their goal is to educate people about Ontario farmers and the sustainable farming industry. The event was held at the beautiful Evergreen Brick Works – home to a farmers’ market every Saturday. The dinner was a casual affair, serving up local fare created by Food Network host, Brad Long. Some of the treats were a sight to behold, including this fun display of farm fresh crudites served with a variety of dips, and then we were allowed to double dipped them in ‘dirt’ (a.k.a finely ground pumpernickel bread).



Another fan favourite were the fresh-out-of-the-fryer mini corn dogs, made with ‘wild beef’ sausages and served with a side of grainy and Dijon mustards.



And of course, speaking of corn – my all-time favourite vegetable – they also served up grilled corn-on-the-cob with a side of hot sauce or lemon butter. Sweet corn, which is currently in-season, is so delicious barbecued up on the grill, so I couldn’t help but have seconds!



Sweet corn season only lasts until early fall, so make sure you pick up a bushel on your next farmers’ market trip, and use them up in these great recipes:

-Add these little gold nuggets to your breakfast pancakes for a sweet crunch.

-Substitute frozen corn for fresh corn kernels in these easy chicken tostadas.

-Weeknight dinner is a snap with this sausage and corn salad, done in less than 30 min.

-You’ll never look at hot dogs the same way after you try our Tex-Mex sausages, topped with delicious fresh corn and avocados.

-The sweet flavours of corn are best highlighted when they’re grilled and served straight up slathered with butter, like this corn on the cob with lime and spices. To make your own corn-on-the-cob bar, serve them alongside with a variety of flavoured butters.

-Video: Check out our food editor, Claire, and her tips for grilling corn on the cob!