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All the highlights from our Thanksgiving Twitter chat

You asked, our Food Director answered. Five things you need to know before preparing Thanksgiving dinner this weekend.

This week we hosted a Twitter chat with our Food Director, Claire Tansey, to answer your burning questions about Thanksgiving dinner. From how to dress up the dessert you promised your mother-in-law you’d bring to prepping turkey correctly, here are the highlights from our #Chatsgiving Q&A:

Question 1: Is is best to use a wet or dry turkey brine?

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Question 2: I’m hosting a small Thanksgiving this year, and will be cooking a turkey breast instead of a bird. Which is better: bone-in or boneless turkey breast? 

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Question 3: What side dishes can I make that don’t use squash, carrots or sweet potatoes?

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Question 4: I promised to bring pies to my mother-in-law’s this weekend — HELP! Can you show me some easy dazzlers?

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Question 5: What’s the secret to perfect mashed potatoes (besides butter)?

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And, because we like a good joke:


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