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It's Australia Day! Celebrate with these Vegemite recipes

Happy Australia Day to our mates down under and in Canada! Celebrate with three recipes starring their revered savoury spread

Happy Australia Day to our mates down under and in Canada! The weather here is just a bit cooler than it is in Australia, so while we won’t be throwing any shrimp on the barbie today, we will be paying homage to our commonwealth friends with another Australian staple – Vegemite.

Love it or hate it, this sticky, salty, savoury spread is almost its own food group in Australia. It’s the country’s most popular breakfast spread; 8 out of 10 Australian homes have a jar of it in their pantry. I picked some up when I visited Sydney last year to see what all the fuss was about; and though my initial reaction was debatable, Vegemite has since become a foreign staple in my fridge that I can’t live without.

The salty kick from Vegemite is a surprisingly excellent pairing with other sweet, buttery or savoury foods. It’s an easy way to add some ‘umami’ flavour to your recipes without a lot of work, and can double as an anchovy substitute for vegetarians. (Luckily, you don’t need to travel to Australia to buy Vegemite. You can also buy it at local specialty stores that sell imported foods.)

Go through the gallery above for three ways to use this vitamin-B rich spread!

Originally published January 2015.