Puy lentils with roasted carrots and harissa

Prep 30 min
Total 1 hour 35 min
Serves 4

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1 1/2 cups
Puy lentils, rinsed
1 tbsp
1/4 cup
plain 2% yogurt


3 tbsp
small onion, finely chopped
garlic cloves, sliced
small red chili, seeded and sliced
1/4 tsp
1/4 tsp
2 tbsp


600 g
small carrots, with stems (about 2 bunches), scrubbed well
1 tbsp


  • PREHEAT broiler. Place pepper on a baking sheet. Broil in centre of oven, flipping halfway through, until charred, about 20 min. Let cool, 10 min. Peel off skin and discard seeds, then coarsely chop. Preheat oven to 400F.
  • HEAT 1 tbsp oil in a medium non-stick frying pan over medium-high. Add onion, garlic and chili. Cook, stirring often, until golden, 5 to 7 min. Stir in red pepper along with cumin and coriander and continue cooking, 1 more min. Transfer to a food processor and whirl with remaining 2 tbsp oil and lemon juice until smooth.
  • TRIM carrots, reserving 1/4 cup chopped carrot leaves. Toss with 1 tbsp oil and 1/4 tsp salt on same baking sheet. Season with fresh pepper. Roast in centre of oven, flipping halfway through, until golden and tender, about 25 min.
  • BOIL a large pot of water. Add lentils. Reduce heat to medium and gently boil until tender, 20 to 25 min. Drain well, then return to same pot. Gently stir in 1 tbsp olive oil until lentils are coated.
  • SPOON lentils onto a platter. Top with roasted carrots, then drizzle with harissa and yogurt. Sprinkle with reserved carrot leaves.


Calories 459, Protein 21 g, Carbohydrates 56 g, Fat 19 g, Fibre 13 g, Sodium 858 mg. Excellent source of Vitamin A

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