Grilled portobello fajitas

Total 30 min
Serves 4



3 tbsp
canola oil, divided
large portobello mushrooms, stems and gills removed
orange bell peppers, coarsely chopped
2 cups
chopped cilantro
minced garlic clove
2 tbsp
1 tsp
small flour tortillas
2 tbsp
white balsamic vinegar
avocados, sliced
2/3 cup
crumbled feta


  • PREHEAT barbecue to medium.
  • BRUSH 1 tbsp canola oil over both sides of 12 large portobello mushrooms, stems and gills removed.
  • STIR bell peppers, remaining 2 tbsp canola oil, cilantro, garlic, honey and salt in a bowl until combined. Reserve and refrigerate 2 cups bell-pepper salsa for Mushroom Rice Bowl.
  • OIL grill. Barbecue mushrooms, lid closed, until tender, 4 to 5 min per side. Toast 8 small flour tortillas on the grill during the last 2 min of mushrooms grilling. Transfer mushrooms to a cutting board and brush with white balsamic vinegar. Reserve and refrigerate 6 mushrooms for Mushroom Rice Bowl. Cut remaining 6 mushrooms into thick slices. Divide among tortillas, then top with remaining salsa, 2 sliced avocados and feta.
  • Pro secret: Twist and pull off the stem of each mushroom, then scrape out the dark brown gills with a spoon.


Calories 512, Protein 13 g, Carbohydrates 47 g, Fat 33 g, Fibre 10 g, Sodium 904 mg. Excellent source of Vitamin C

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