The Ghomeshi trial: Day 7

A statement from Lucy Decoutere's friend and co-star, meant to corroborate the complainant's allegations against Jian Ghomeshi, is entered into evidence.

Summary: Justice William Horkins waived the publication ban on the fourth witness, Sarah Dunsworth, Lucy DeCoutere’s close friend and Trailer Park Boys co-star. Her police statement was entered as evidence.

The big moment: Rather than bring Dunsworth from Nova Scotia to testify, the Crown submitted a transcript of the statement she gave police there on Nov 24, 2014 — weeks after DeCoutere reported her assault. Dunsworth said her friend (who is “not a big dater”) called her after the date with Jian Ghomeshi and told her about the choking. “Is this normal?” DeCoutere asked her. “No, that’s…it’s really not normal,” Dunsworth replied. The assault “came from out of nowhere,” and really “freaked [DeCoutere] out,” Dunsworth told police. The two had discussed the assault “off and on over the last 10 years.” Facebook messages and texts between the pair around the time DeCoutere came forward with her allegations were also entered into evidence.

Crown Michael Callaghan submitted Dunsworth’s statement, he said, because it “corroborates” DeCoutere’s story.

Ghomeshi: Wearing a dark navy suit and lighter navy tie, Ghomeshi turned to acknowledge his sister — the only family to appear in court today — after court adjourned. She left, backpack slung over her shoulder, without speaking to her brother.

Up next: The Crown will begin making closing statements on Thursday.

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