Everyone in Parliament just needs a snack

As #elbowgate has shown, being hangry can have real consequences. Here are 10 nibbles that could have prevented the fiasco.

Wednesday’s “manhandling,” chest-elbowing fracas in the House of Commons had everyone losing their collective minds.

There was yelling. Fingerpointing. International media attention. And there were repeated apologies that continued into Thursday morning on the part of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who pulled Conservative whip Gord Brown through a crowd of MPs during the afternoon vote on physician-assisted dying, elbowing NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brousseau in the midst of it.

Cool heads prevail in the clear light of day. And after a good meal. Which leads us to believe one thing could have avoided this mess altogether: Snacks.

hangry _trudeau

Image manipulation, Dawne Marie Shonfield.

When too much time passes between meals, nutrient supply to the brain starts to slow, causing some people to become irritable and prone to losing their cool. Yes, folks — “hanger” is a thing, and even our nationally-elected representatives may be vulnerable to its cruel grip.

To help out our friends on Parliament Hill, here are a few ideas for easy snacks to take to work. You’re welcome — now get back to running the country.

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