David Schwimmer (and friends) launch chilling new sexual harassment awareness campaign

He made a promise to be there for you in the ’90s. And now, more than a decade after the beloved sitcom Friends wrapped, Ross Geller is delivering with a new Facebook series


David Schwimmer and his friends have launched a chilling new video campaign on Facebook to raise awareness about sexual harassment. “Concerned friends of mine and I created these for you to watch & share!” he said in a tweet earlier this week.

Aptly titled #ThatsHarassment, the series features everyday scenarios, based on real incidents, from a trip to the doctor to an interaction between two co-workers. Schwimmer teamed up with Israeli-American director Sigal Avin to produce of the videos (one of which he actually appears in), and each is more haunting than the next. Surprising stars make several cameos, including Cynthia Nixon and Emmy Rossum.

The videos, while nauseating to watch, are important to see. Here’s our take on each one. (Just be aware, they could be upsetting and/or triggering to watch.)

1. The Coworker

It’s a scene many of us know too well: trying to fit in at a job you just started — only here, it reaches a new level of disturbing as the co-worker who appears to decry toxic frat-boy behaviour actually engages in it, all while proclaiming to be “the biggest feminist there is.” Not cool, bro.

2. The Actor

Full disclaimer: I had to pause this video before mustering the nerve to finish watching it. The sharp transition from fun and flirty to gross abuse of power sent chills down my spine. The ease with which this hot-shot actor snapped back into lovable celebrity-mode after exposing himself will fill you with rage.

3. The Doctor

Cynthia Nixon is perfection here — you will actually feel your creeper radars BLARING right along with hers.

4. The Boss

Oh, the authority figure who forces himself on you and then “just wants you make you feel comfortable” afterward. Made that much worse by his terrible attempts at flattery.

5. The Photographer

A certain dirtbag fashion photographer comes to mind here as Bobby Cannavale’s instruction to the young and obviously uncomfortable model in front of the camera is overtly sexual and inappropriate. Wait for the 3:00 mark for your mind to be blown.

6. The Politician

Emmy Rossum’s stoic attempt to do her job is an unfortunate reminder of what many female journalists face on a daily basis.

Were you able to get through all the videos? I admit, I struggled to watch them all in one go. What’s probably most surprising about these disturbing depictions of everyday experiences is just how unnervingly common they are.

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