Company invents cellphone to make women look cuter

It's called Cyrcle, and it looks suspiciously like a compact mirror.

Have you ever glanced down at your hum-drum four-sided phone and thought, “Wait. Does this thing make me look like a man?” Worry no more, ladies: Two former Microsoft engineers have unveiled the prototype for Cyrcle, a new rounded flip-phone targeted at female consumers in the market for a device with a “more natural and sensual form.” The Washington-based start-up behind this sexually attractive invention, called Dtoor — or “designing the opposite of rectangle” — plans to crowd-fund the 2G model on Kickstarter this summer.

The design’s $100 price tag certainly isn’t too shabby, and it’s probably easier to squeeze into a pocket than your average monster-phablet. Still, it’s unfortunate that, despite having impressive backgrounds in nuclear engineering and biochemistry, the creators thought it was not-at-all dumb to compare female mobile users to “moms at a volleyball practice pecking like chickens,” saying traditional phones make them look “unattractive.”

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