Wall art

Wallpaper is back in style—but today, less is more

Wallpaper has made a dramatic comeback over the last while. It’s now rare to walk into a beautiful home—modern or traditional—without seeing something fab papering at least one wall. Indeed using wallpaper on a single wall is really the way to go. It’s just enough to add a dramatic effect that will bring a room to life.

Take this look—rich Colonial elements softened by an antiqued floral print. Now imagine this gorgeous paper wrapping the entire room. The effect would be a touch stuffy and old fashioned. For a fresher feel use wallpaper on a feature wall and pick out a paler colour, like the soft green-blue in this paper’s background, for the other walls. The result is the perfect Colonial style, a relaxed mix of antiques, rattan and gauzy curtains.

Wallpaper doesn’t have to be used literally either. For drama hang a single stripe on a feature wall. This is a thrifty way to add ‘instant art’ to a space, especially if you choose a richly patterned paper. Save all those off-cuts and samples too. Either glue swatches to blank notecards for a custom touch, or frame a few squares to hang for a quick and colourful collection.

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