The National spotlights sexist attacks on female journalists

On Tuesday night's episode, female CBC staffers shared gut-wrenching first-hand accounts of harassment they've experienced on the job.

On Tuesday night’s episode of CBC’s The National, a panel of Canadian media experts spoke candidly about the unrelenting torrent of harassment faced by female journalists on the job. The 16-minute segment opened by reviewing CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt’s on-camera response to FHRITP hecklers. But it was the heartbreaking confessions from female CBC journalists about the heckling they’ve experienced on location and behind-the-scenes that really hit home.

“There has never been a time that obscenity-shouting has not been a part of my experience in the field,” said CBC Arts reporter Jelena Adzic, who shared a disturbing story of a “fan” who live-tweeted her every move while watching her on the Toronto streetcar. Long-time sports journalist Brenda Irving recounted her first experience in a professional locker room, when someone yelled “Nice beaver!” at her. And Natalie Kalata, a video journalist for CBC in Toronto, became rightly emotional as she recalled a particularly violating incident while she was standing outside the Air Canada Centre one night with her camera man. Watch the clip above, and you won’t be able to look away. Nor should you.