The loss of a Soldier should never go unmentioned

Today is a very sad day for the Canadian Forces, our country and the family and friends of Sapper Brian Collier, who was killed today by an improvised explosive device when he got out of his vehicle in Afghanistan. He was only 24 years old. We have now lost 151 Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan. I have been to a repatriation ceremony when the soldier is returned home after being killed and it was the most gut wrenching experience I’ve ever witnessed. It is difficult to watch the family suffer and I can’t help but wonder all the people whose lives are affected by that one death. I think of their children, their wife or husband or fiance or girlfriend or boyfriend, their friends, their job, their vacations they’ve had, the last laugh they shared, the lives they led. All that is over far sooner than it ever should be. That is all I will say today as the Collier family and friends should be afforded the privacy they deserve. But I will ask that when you read this blog post, please take the time to think of Brian Collier and all those who knew and loved him, as he was more than a soldier, he was a friend and loved one to many. And furthermore, he died in an effort to give others the freedom we enjoy everyday in Canada. He will always be remembered. Kelly

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