Sock Rooster

Explore your crafty side with a colourful rooster toy

Here’s how to make your very own Booster the Rooster!

To make the beak:
If your socks have a thick elastic cuff at the top, take one sock and cut off the cuff. Cut out a two-inch section of the cuff, make a circle out of it and stitch it closed so you have a little tube. If your socks don’t have thick cuffs, you can use something else – such as felt – to make a beak. If using felt, do not cut a hole for the mouth as described in Step 4. Cut out a diamond shape from felt, fold it in half and stitch it to the front of the sock.

To make the tail:
Take the sock with the cut off cuff. Cut across the sock about an inch below the toes. Stuff the toes until firm with cotton batting, then gather up the edges of the opening and twist until the toes form a star. Sew shut, leaving a little stub which will be inserted into the body.

To make the wings:
Take your cut-up sock and cut out two panels (bigger for longer wings). Cut a curve at one end to shape the wing. Turn the fabric wrong-side out and sew around the edges, leaving an opening where you will attach it to the body. Turn right-side out and stuff with cotton batting.

To make the face:
Take the intact sock and stitch on two buttons for eyes about 1.5 inches below the toes. It’s more fun if the buttons and thread colours don’t match! If using the cuff piece from Step 1 for a beak, cut a horizontal slit about an inch below the eyes (I pinch the sock vertically and make a small snip – don’t cut too wide, because the hole tends to expand on its own).

To make slits for wings:
Pinch the sock horizontally on each side about an inch below the mouth level and make a small snip. To make a slit for the tail, make a small snip on the back of the body sock in the centre, about an inch below the wing holes.

To finish your rooster:
Flip the body sock inside out. Put your hand inside and push the beak through the mouth hole, keeping the fabric at the edges of the hole against the beak (so you will have a nice clean joint on the other side). Stitch it shut. Insert wings through wing holes from inside and stitch shut. Insert tail through tail hole from inside and stitch shut. Turn sock right-side out. Completely stuff with cotton batting. Stitch bottom of sock closed. A rooster is born!