What is the etiquette to welcome new neighbours?

Social quandary: Mom wants me to invite them over for dinner; my husband says I should leave a bottle of wine with a note — what's the proper etiquette of welcoming new neighbours nowadays?


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A family has moved into the house across the street from us. We’ve exchanged quick hellos, but haven’t had much conversation. I was telling my mother about the new neighbours and she insists that I invite them over for dinner. She says it’s the polite thing to do. Before I spoke with Mom, I was considering ringing their doorbell 70s-style and offering a freshly baked loaf – but my husband thinks the gesture isn’t necessary. He thinks we should just leave a bottle of wine at the door with a note. But is that rude? His argument is that they’re in the midst of some minor renos, so it’s best not to disturb them. I’m really confused as to what the etiquette is. Also, I know people who would find it intrusive if a neighbour invited them over to dinner – they would feel obligated to go, and go begrudgingly. I don’t want to come off as intrusive, nor do I want to be impolite. What’s the normal practise nowadays?

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