Social quandary: Sisters feuding for decades

Their thirty-year fight has made family gatherings awkward for everyone. Should this reader interfere?

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Quandary of the week:

I have six sisters who I’m all close with. Over 30 years ago, two of my sisters had a falling out with one another. I’m fuzzy on the details now, but it was over some flirtation with my older sister’s husband. It’s been decades and they still refuse to speak to one another, much less be in the same room. It’s incredibly awkward for everyone. We’ve all had to accommodate their feud by juggling which sister to invite out or making sure that they sit at different tables at weddings. What’s more is that I constantly feel caught in the middle. Their resentment towards one another runs deep and they still bad-mouth one another. Life is too short and I wish that they would just forgive and forget. It’s been over 30 years, afterall. Should I interfere and call an intervention so that they are forced to speak? I don’t want them to get mad at me for interfering, but their feud is exhausting.

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