Social quandary: My daughter's playmate (my friend's child) is a brat

How does she tell her friend that she doesn't want their kids playing with each other anymore.


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My seven-year-old daughter, Jane*, is best friends with my good friend’s daughter, Lila. For years, it seemed like the perfect situation. We got to hang out while the girls would play. Lately, however, Lila has been acting out. She’s become bossy, demanding, rude and an attention seeker. It could be just a phase, but there are two reasons why I’m not sure if I should wait it out: Firstly, I don’t want Jane picking up Lila’s bad habits. Secondly, I don’t think Jane enjoys Lila’s company as much anymore. The situation puts me in an awkward place. I can’t tell my friend that her kid’s a brat – no mother wants to be told how to parent her child. Obviously, I want to continue hanging out with my friend, but I don’t want our kids playing together anymore. Also, I’m not sure if I should intervene at all – the girls are best friends, and maybe I should just let things be. What should I do?

*names have been changed

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