September 2013 editor’s letter: Here we grow again

Editor-in-chief Jane Francisco reflects back on her time at Chatelaine


Photo by Alvaro Goveia

This week I ran into a friend who just started a new job. We were talking about that cool (sometimes lonely and scary) feeling of starting fresh with an empty inbox, a tidy desk and a head full of inspiration just waiting to be tapped. It made me think back to my early days at Chatelaine. When I came to work at the magazine, it felt a lot like the first day of school. Who was I going to have lunch with? Literally, what should I do? And obviously, what would I wear? I can’t believe that was over three years ago — sometimes it feels like yesterday. I guess it’s true what they say about time flying when you’re having fun.

Although it seems like a short time, so much has happened. Babies have been born, mat leaves have come and gone, long-time members of our team have left to pursue new adventures. We’ve been together for engagements, weddings and inevitable breakups. Sadly, we’ve also had to say a permanent goodbye to three wonderful women who helped shape our pages. And through it all, this great team has driven Chatelaine to new heights.

For the first time in our 85-year history, Chatelaine (which has always been Canada’s leading women’s magazine) is finally — and officially — the country’s number one magazine across all categories. Way to go, peeps!

But that’s not all. This past year, Chatelaine joined the tablet revolution with more than 30 editions including new apps and ebooks; we started appearing monthly on Cityline across Canada; and now we’ve jumped on the airwaves with the launch of Chatelaine Radio every Sunday.

I’m so excited to welcome our local hosts to the Chatelaine family — and I hope you get to know these fab girls while you enjoy a couple more hours of Chatelaine as you wind down your weekend.