Worry, pride, regret: We asked mothers and daughters to share the things they've never said

Chatelaine asked seven mothers and daughters to interview each other. The result is an intimate look at a powerful and complex relationship.

Nova Browning Rutherford (36) and Diane Browning (60). Photo, Shlomi Amiga.

Nova Browning Rutherford and Diane Browning. Photo, Shlomi Amiga.

Last year, Chatelaine brought mothers and daughters together to do one thing: talk. Out of hundreds of applicants, seven pairs were chosen to interview each other on video, without seeing the questions before hand. The conversations that emerged were unguarded, tender and at times, uncomfortable (you can view them and our portrait series here). This year, we returned to these conversations and explored common themes that form the underpinning of the mother-daughter bond, in all its complexity. We thank our mother and daughter teams (Pam Brenman and Elayne Isenberg; Nova Browning Rutherford and Diane Browning; Anna Haine and Linda Taylor; Aisha Fairclough and Dorothy Fairclough; Ann Brand and Emma Brand; Daniela Kelloway and Eva Karniol) for being willing to spend a day sitting across from each other and speaking from the heart.

What do you wish I knew about you?

When did you worry most about me? When were you most angry at me?

What lesson did I teach you that stuck with you? What has surprised you most about who I’ve become?

When were you most proud of me?

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