Rainy-day photography


There’s something about a walk in the rain. It nourishes the soul and makes you feel like dancing in the puddles. Capture that splish-splash feeling with some rainy-day snapshots – – there’s no need to leave your camera at home just because the sun hasn’t come out! Rainfall can be a photographer’s friend, intensifying colors and adding glistening interest to just about any subject.

Taking the plunge

Bad weather doesn’t mean bad photographs. It just changes your options and sets the stage for some unique photographic opportunities. Fog, for example, can subdue colors and soften objects in the background, making a lake or your neighborhood park look ethereal and mysterious.

Even overcast skies can be used to your advantage. Color contrasts are muted on a gray day, and colors seem richer – creating the perfect setting for photos of trees and plants. You could also look upon foggy, overcast days as an opportunity to shoot in black and white.

After the storm

Storms and heavy rain add power and drama to an image. A particularly good time for dramatic landscape pictures is right after a storm – the sun is beginning to break through and dark storm clouds can still be seen in the distance. The combination of bright sun and dark skies creates an extraordinary backdrop. Everything looks clean and shiny – colors seem deeper and objects glisten under the emerging rays of the sun.

Quick Tip! Rainbows always make great pictures. They are formed by the refraction of light by raindrops, and you’ll usually find these conditions before or after a summer storm. Act fast when you see a rainbow though – a storm can recede quickly, and the reflective surface moisture can vanish in an instant.

Portrait of a puddle

And what about the water under your feet – the often overlooked puddle? Think of all the interesting reflections you can capture in one of those tiny bodies of water – the trees, the clouds above, or reflections of city lights. And puddles attract kids like a magnet, providing great opportunities for candid shots – yet another reason to keep a digital camera handy!

Quick Tip! Always keep your camera inside your jacket or sweater to protect it during a downpour. And for added protection, use a plastic bag to waterproof it. Just cut a hole for your lens to poke through. Voila! You have an instant rain slicker for your camera. Be sure to have a clean cloth or facial tissues handy to wipe off the water droplets.

Rainy-day photo projects

Drizzly days are not only a great time to head outside with your camera, they’re also a wonderful opportunity to start a photo project. Enlarge a particularly beautiful rainy-day picture to provide a contemplative piece for your home office or the baby’s room. Gather snapshots for a picture book or scrapbook. Or send a few photos in a letter to someone far away, and share the joy of just playing in the rain.

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