This is why models need a doctor's note to work in France

Lawmakers in France have passed a bill aimed at combating the fashion industry's underfed, unwell image.

Beachy hair model feature
If 2015 was all about that bass (butts), then why are we still seeing waif after waif stroll down the catwalk? The fashion industry has notoriously extreme expectations — for sweater trends and body types alike — but if French lawmakers have their way, a healthy aesthetic will be here to stay.

On Thursday, the French National Assembly passed a bill requiring models to provide a clean bill of health from their doctors. “Health” in this case is determined by a physician-approved combination of age, gender, BMI and overall body composition. Plus, any images that employ the use of Photoshop wizardry to make a model’s silhouette narrower or wider will have to be labelled “touched up.”

And to show how serious the government is about rehabbing the industry’s skin-and-bone image, breaches of the law will be punishable by up to six months in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros (about $82,000). Who says you can’t put a price on health?

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