It's the last weekend of summer — here's how to make it count

We've got 15 ideas for getting the most out of the next 48 hours. Or, you could simply lie outside on snow-free grass, which sounds like a good plan, too.

Wednesday is the first day of fall, and you know what that means (aside from pumpkin spice lattes, plaid clothing and rust-coloured leaves)?

Harsh, but true. Now’s the time to squeeze every last drop of sunshine-y goodness out of summer. Here are 15 suggestions to help you do just that.

1. Get grilling! This is your chance to test out that new meat thermometer or attempt the chili-espresso ribs recipe you’ve had bookmarked since July. If the weather’s not playing nice, you can always cook a decent steak indoors.

2. Wear your comfiest pair of outdoor summer shoes inside with abandon. (There’s no melted, grey stuff to track inside. Yet.)

3. Hop on your two-wheeler and take a spin around the neighbourhood. The clock is ticking on your ability to exercise outdoors.

4. Add the unofficial song of the summerThe Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face” — to your playlist, pop in some headphones and strut. (Just don’t keep track of your play count. It’s too catchy.)

Chili-espresso ribs

Out chili-espresso ribs. Photo, Erik Putz.

5. Cross a book off of your fun-and-frivolous summer reading list. Might we recommend: Candace Bushnell’s Killing Monica, Kevin Kwan’s rollicking China Rich Girlfriend and Grey, a Fifty Shades spinoff from E.L. James.

6. Take yourself out to the ball game — or, at the very least, make one of our ballpark snack recipes for this weekend’s Blue Jays vs. Red Sox series.

7. Get thee to a flea market! You won’t come home empty handed with these scrounging tips from Samantha Pynn.

8.  Spend an hour backing into and out of your driveway. Much easier without all that snow, isn’t it?

9. Open your windows! Hang your laundry outside! Warm summer air is at a premium right now.

Garden. Photo, Sarah Nixon1

Photo, Sarah Nixon.

10. Get a head start on next spring’s blooms by plucking weeds and planting perennials. Commit the lush greenness of your grass to memory.

11. Grab the last of the seasonal produce and whip up our end-of-summer harvest menu.

12. Jump in a pool, not a pile of leaves.

13. Try a new ice cream flavour — or 31. Who are we to judge?

14. Toast the end of the season with a summery sangria. Refrain from crying into it.

15. Step one: Use this four-point guide to design your perfect, pillow-packed sleeping space. Step two: Get into the bed. Step three: Get out in April.