It's not a road trip until I've been to the hospital...

Well, my trip is postponed in Calgary since I ended up having to rush to the emergency room. You know, just another trip with Kelly!


Something I’ve avoided telling all Under Fire readers is that after I returned from my house hunting trip in Vancouver, I was rushed into the hospital for follow up bloodwork. I went in after complaining of extreme fatigue and being extremely out of breath (tying up my shoes no less!). As it turns out, I have a pretty serious thyroid problem that is also affecting my heart negatively. To say the very least, it’s not a healthy sign when a twenty-six year old woman has a resting heart rate of 136 beats per minute. No indeed. So I was put on some beta-blockers to help with the heart issues until I get to Vancouver to continue further research and testing on my thyroid.

A few days into my trip, my hand starting shaking pretty violently. But it seemed to go away after eating something. But these last few days, my right hand won’t STOP shaking! And then two nights ago my feet went numb and I still can’t feel them as I write this blog. Yes, it was time to go to the hospital.

There has been a bit of a running joke amongst my family and friends that I like to tour the world and check out all the medical facilities. Between broken bones and health issues, I’m starting to feel a bit like a medical anomaly. All this being said, I made my way to the emergency room here in Calgary and was run through a barrage of tests. Chest x-rays. Electrocardiograms. Blood work upon blood work. All very scary when you’re going through it alone. I was sent away without answers and requiring MANY more tests once I get to Vancouver to check for cancer and Grave’s disease. So my driving has been grounded for a few days until my health improves. I should be on my way tomorrow.

Writing this post has been a little tricky, thanks to this persistently shaking hand that doesn’t want to go away. So I’m sitting here in my hotel room, feeling a little more lonely as I think of going through this alone, and through the next round of tests that I know will follow.

I’ve only just left them, but somehow, I need Mark and the rest of my family more than ever.