How to make a pretty mini terrarium

Add some green into your home with an indoor garden. Bonus: It'll make a wonderful Mother's Day gift!

Simple Pleasures Indoor Garden Terrarium April 13 p210

A pretty mini terrarium is the perfect way to add a bright hit of green to your kitchen. This spring, make your own in minutes using beautiful tropical plants and organic materials. Choose an elegant glass vessel with a lid to help maintain humidity. Cover the bottom with small pebbles, a layer of activated charcoal and sprinkle potting soil overtop. Then add a few mini plants like cacti or other succulents, along with moss, twigs or feathers for a decorative touch. Simply mist your stunning terrarium once a week to keep it looking its best. Bonus: It’s a perfect Mother’s Day gift!

Glass cloche, $30, herb scissors, $15, Indigo.